About Us

Cheese From Far…….By Far Your Most Friendly Priced Cheese and Delicacies Store

Since 2015, ‘Perfect Dutch Food’ has successfully imported European cheese for the Hong Kong F&B market.
It was time to start selling the best quality cheese from Europe to our online customers for a decent price.
We all know if something comes from far, it must be good. Hence, the name of our online delicacy store, Cheesefromfar.                                                                                                                               

Welcome to our online store!

And our first physical store has opened since the end of June 2019!
What is the difference between shop online and physical store of Cheese From Far?
We import different seasonal cheeses, as well as fresh cheeses in different periods. There you will find more varieties of cheese in our store and you can find your favorite ones by tasting in store.
Hope to see you there soon!